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Testimonial from Dean and Paula Smith, Former Owners of Specialty Heat Treating, Inc

We want to start off by saying how pleased we were working with Rua Associates.

We had been approached multiple times in previous years by strategic buyers about selling our company.   A few years back we decided to explore the opportunity, with an inexperienced team, and it ended up falling apart.  The physical and mental energy we consumed, along with the expense,  while attempting to do this and run our business, was enormous.

Fast forward a few years and we felt we were again ready to sell the business. Our business was growing and we wanted to sell to someone who could help take the company to the next level, for the benefit of both our employees and customers. We also wanted to sell the business before January 1, 2013, when the capital gains tax rules changed.

This time around we wanted to make sure we were fully prepared going into the sale. We interviewed a number of firms and decided to go with Rua. We decided on Rua due to their process and focus on upfront preparation. Rua helped us be fully prepared from the beginning by valuing the business, interviewing buyers to gauge demand, preparing us for due diligence, etc.

Once we put the business on the market, we had incredible momentum due to the upfront preparation and planning.  Throughout the process, Rua gave us great support and kept things moving forward. We are proud to say we closed on December 31, 2012 for more than we had been expecting! Their team approach and preparation was key to bringing the transaction to a successful close. Thus, we highly recommend Rua Associates!

Dean and Paula Smith, Former Owners of Specialty Heat Treating, Inc.

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