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Testimonial from Rick Arnold, President of Broadview Product Development

When I left my previous job as VP of Global Product Development at Johnson Controls in July 2012, I had several options of getting a new job, starting a business or buying an existing business. My preference was to buy an existing business so I started searching for someone who could help me accomplish this. I found Rua Associates and engaged them to do an active acquisition search for me. I also analyzed some of their sell-side listings including Broadview Product Development. While other opportunities interested me, Broadview interested me the most due to how it fit my background, how I connected with the owner and the convenient location. Once I decided Broadview was the business I wanted, I began the unfamiliar process of buying a business. Throughout the process of buying a business, Rua Associates was a great help assisting not only their client but me as well. I am happy to say that after only 4 months I was able to successfully purchase my own business. Based upon my experience, I would highly recommend Rua Associates to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a business.

– Rick Arnold, President of Broadview Product Development

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