West Michigan Based Digital Studio (RA128)

Company Summary

This Company was among the early adopters who led the way in corporate web design and development services as well as mobile and web e-commerce applications. It has seen steady growth in sales thanks to evolving skill levels and a strong reputation based on an extensive and diverse portfolio of work. The current hands-on ownership team is looking to retire but is available to provide transition support for up to a year. This Company provides an excellent opportunity for an experienced manager wanting to operate their own business or for a similar enterprise seeking growth through acquisition of a strong staff and well-established customer base.

Growth Opportunities

Expanding Demand – The evolving digital design industry continues to be in strong demand as business and industry shifts to e-commerce and web-based communication and customer service. The Company has a strong regional presence and also serves national and international clients.

Boost Marketing – Current sales and marketing efforts are minimal, with word of mouth generating most sales. Adding a sales person and marketing efforts built on the Company’s strong reputation could provide an excellent return on investment with growing sales.

Facility Space – Current offices, leased from a related third party, could be included in the purchase. Offices have about 30 percent or more of underutilized space depending on the re-configuration, offering potential for staff expansion to service significant levels of new sales.

Investment Highlights

History of Expertise – The Company’s portfolio is extensive as well as diverse, reflecting its long track record as well as its reputation for quality work. In addition, the Company’s skill set gives it an advantage over both competitors and in-house providers, including the ability to provide expert service at less cost to clients than if they did the work in-house.

Loyal Customer Base – Quality work and flexible customer service has developed a high retention rate among major clients, many of whom have been Company customers for five or more years.

2018 Revenue: $1,668,000

2018 Adjusted EBITDA: $295,000




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