Michigan-Based Plumbing and Heating Company (RA 163)

Company Summary

This Michigan-based Company is a mechanical contractor providing plumbing, heating and air conditioning service and installation for residential and light commercial customers. After decades in business and maintaining a strong focus on quality service, the Company has built a large, dedicated customer base that has allowed it to maintain healthy profit margins and consistent work, even during economic slowdowns. Through enduring relationships with contractors and homeowners, it has become number 1 in its market. The Company works not only with new construction and remodeling, but also enjoys healthy business servicing the many high-end seasonal cottages in its growing, tourist-heavy region. The Company has built a highly qualified, trained and dedicated workforce by providing excellent pay and benefits

Growth Opportunities

Expanding market –The Company’s service region is growing at an accelerated rate while the number of qualified mechanical contractors has not kept pace. With limited competition, the Company’s growth outlook is positive.

Greater sales emphasis – Current sales levels have been achieved through word of mouth, direct mail and building community goodwill. Increasing sales staff and expanding marketing/advertising efforts could attract new business.

Add technical staff – The Company currently runs at or above full capacity, and could expand both its service and installation services by hiringadditional qualified technicians.

Investment Highlights

Consistent growth –
The Company has grown nearly each of the past 20 years, while its competition has dwindled. Net profits are up substantially over the past 6 years.

Contractor connections – Its enduring relationships with area building contractors –some of whom work exclusively with the Company –have helped it become the largest in its market.

Strong reputation – With its longevity, focus on quality and service and factory-trained, professional technicians, the Company has established a strong reputation –especially important in the small-town market it serves.

2019 Revenue: $3,600,000

2019 EBITDA: $480,000

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