Midwest Sign Manufacturing Company (RA193)


Company Summary

This sign manufacturer has a sterling reputation built over decades serving a loyal and diverse commercial, institutional, educational and retail customer base in the Midwest and nationwide. It services and manages its customers’ complete sign requirements, from a single sign to major corporate changeovers. The Company distinguishes itself by its high quality, ability to tackle large and complex projects and successful long-term relationships with large key accounts. Sales are on the upswing, as several significant customers have restarted projects postponed during the pandemic and others have launched major rebranding programs requiring updated signs. The Company presents an excellent opportunity for vertical integration for a sign-related firm, or a buyer wanting to bring sign manufacturing in-house.

Growth Opportunities

Room to grow – The Company’s well-equipped facility has unused capacity, leaving room for growth with more hiring and adding a second shift.

Increasing sales focus – Serving its large base of existing customers has left less time for pursuing new ones. More aggressively pursuing sales, while maintaining excellent project management, could bring in new customers.

Booming market territory – The market region’s solid and growing economy provides ample opportunity for new sales and increased market share.

New markets – Prior completion of projects outside its usual niche has revealed new directions for potential growth.

Investment Highlights

Stellar reputation – With many decades in business, the Company is recognized as a leader in the sign industry. 

Broad capabilities – The Company’s ability to maintain quality while completing large and complex sign projects sets it apart from the competition. 

Loyal customer base – Long-term relationships with large key accounts have built a solid foundation for the Company’s current and future success. 

Serving diverse industries – Customers are spread across a broad range of industries, giving the Company a hedge against downturns in any particular one. 

Dedicated employees – The Company has attracted and retained an experienced staff dedicated to the business’ overall success

2022 Revenue: $9,800,000 

2022 Unadjusted EBITDA: $815,000 


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