Cloud Hosting, Managed Services, and Cybersecurity Provider (RA175)

Company Summary

This cloud hosting, managed services provider, and cybersecurity consulting firm serves large and small companies across the U.S. and Canada in industries including manufacturing, gaming/casinos, construction, and various other industries. To help its clients avoid the risk that comes with using thirdparty vendors, the Company has its own equipment used within data centers to provide end-to-end control. With a loyal and solid customer base, unused cloud capacity, and opportunities for improved sales and marketing, the Company is poised for growth.

Investment Highlights

Recurring revenue – Approximately 80% or more of the Company’s annual revenue is contract-based and recurring in nature.

Proven history – The Company has a track record of providing cloud hosting and customized managed IT security to help companies protect their investment, client confidentiality, and ongoing workflow.

Data security – Having its own equipment housed at data centers provides clients with complete end-toend control, helping to avoid risk by not being reliant on using third-party vendors.

Client loyalty – The Company’s largest customer has been with the Company for nearly 10 years.

Diverse customer base – Current industries served include manufacturing, gaming/casinos, construction, and various other industries.


Growth Opportunities

Room for growth – With new servers and unused cloud capacity, the Company has the ability to bring on more customers.

Increased marketing emphasis – The Company currently relies solely on word-of-mouth advertising and referrals for business growth. Increased attention to sales and marketing efforts would expand business further.


2020 Revenue: $3,000,000
2020 EBITDA: $650,000

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