West Michigan Fabricator (RA 96)

Company Summary

This established West Michigan-based company specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of flexible materials (and related structural components) for a mix of consumer and business customers in a variety of market segments including residential, commercial, marine and allied recreational niches.

The Company has continued to build on its brand and loyal customer base throughout West Michigan. Recently, the Company has been successful in cultivating new markets such as the clothing and agricultural sectors, each of which offer recurring production opportunities.

The current owners now contemplating retirement. Both owners are open to staying on for a reasonable period to transition their roles.

Growth Opportunities

New Industries – The Company has recently succeeded in developing a specialty product for a niche agricultural market. It is believed that there are similar applications in industries such as healthcare, food, automotive, etc.

Commercial/Industrial Sewing and Fabrication – The Company has been successful with its current efforts as more companies are looking to produce their fabric goods locally, rather than overseas. It is clear that significant growth potential exists in this channel.


Investment Highlights

Reliable Brand  –  The Company brand is well established; customers respect its expertise and diverse ability. Many sales leads are generated through referrals and brand awareness.

Current Space  –  Currently, there is one shift of 10 employees occupying its current 7,500 sq. ft. leased facility. The facility can support additional growth.

2015 Revenue: $1,153,190
2015 Cash Flow: $277,496