West Michigan Commercial Cleaning Business (RA 105)

Company Summary

A West Michigan-based commercial cleaning business with a long history of specialized service is available for purchase.

This Company provides janitorial services for a full range of commercial, office and industrial accounts but has
special expertise in serving health care facilities. With  the Grand Rapids area’s boom in medical facilities, this
expertise offers potential for the Company o grow sales under a new owner with employee relations and business development skills.
The Company has several long-term clients in an industry that is known for its turnover, demonstrating the reputation and
quality the Company offers. The current owner is looking to retire but is available to assist with training and transition
for up to a year.

Growth Opportunities

Development of Specialized Floor Care Market – The Company has developed specialized expertise in floor care, a separate service from general

cleaning contracts. Further development of this business segment could significantly boost sales to existing or new customers.
Local Region is in Economic Boom – In addition to rapid growth of medical facilities, the Grand Rapids metropolitan area ranks third among
U.S. cities in economic growth.

Expansion of Staff and Marketing – The Company has limited marketing and growth to not outstrip current staff capacity. A new owner

dedicated to staff development could grow the customer base with more aggressive marketing.

Investment Highlights

High Level of Expertise – The Company operates at a high level of knowledge and experience, and the current owner is willing to assist for up to a

 year to pass along that knowledge.

Longevity in Volatile Market – The well-managed Company has a long history and a number of longer-term customers in an industry that

is more often known for start-ups and volatility.

Flexibility in Location – The Company’s current space is available for sale or rent, or the Company is easily portable to another warehouse and

office space in the metropolitan area.