West Michigan-Based Machining Company (RA 129)

Company Summary

This Company provides high-quality, specialized heavy machining services to a diverse customer base. A philosophy of personalized, customer-oriented service has developed a reputation and level of customer loyalty to the point that the Company operates at capacity with sales generated by word-of-mouth and referrals. An experienced and loyal workforce produces that high level of quality service, working in a modern facility with top-quality equipment. The current ownership is hands-off, leaving day-to-day operations to a well-qualified management team. The owners are seeking to retire and so are offering for sale this profitable, well-run business that is positioned for continued growth under a new owner ready to invest in the future.

Growth Opportunities

Primed for Expansion – The Company now operates at the capacity of current machines and employees, but investing in additional sales and production employees can grow sales significantly. The current facility has space for added equipment and production capacity.

High Demand Capabilities – The Company is well-positioned for growth because of its reputation and skills at a time when demand is booming with the economy, while nationally and globally a limited number of companies are able to do necessary machining work.

Investment Highlights

Well-Regarded Company – The Company has established itself with quality products produced through personal understanding of customer needs, leading to high levels of customer retention.

Highly Experienced Employees – The workforce has a long average length of service with the Company and a high level of expertise, as well as strong morale, personal interest in doing quality work and long-term loyalty to the Company.

Quality Equipment – The Company in recent years has upgraded significant pieces of equipment, positioning it to move forward with larger, high-margin projects.

2017 Revenue: $2,286,000
2017 Cash Flow: $725,700

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