West Michigan-based Industrial Supply Distributor (RA 97)

Company Summary

This industrial supply distributor provides a wide range of products to small- and medium-sized customers over a wide geographic area. 

The Company was founded and grown with an emphasis on meeting customer needs in both service and products. That strategy’s success is shown 
by high levels of customer retention; an extensive list of repeat customers includes more than 100 with decades-long relationships. This small staff,
low-overhead operation provides an attractive purchase opportunity for a buyer looking to be a hands-on owner of a successful small business, or 
an opportunity for a company in the same or a related field to buy into the region and gain an extensive customer base.

Growth Opportunities

Potential Staff and Sales Expansion – Current operations involve limited marketing and sales staff; expanding either offers an opportunity to build

on the Company’s good reputation to grow volume.

Investment Highlights

Continuation of Management Expertise – The current owner is willing to stay on with the Company for a significant time, allowing the opportunity 

for a new owner to have time to learn the business.
Diversity in Customer Base – The Company’s extensive list of repeat customers includes a wide range of retail, wholesale and manufacturing 
industries, leveling out demand and sales cycles.
Real Estate Options – The business is not equipment dependent and is easily transportable. The current facility, owned by an affiliated party, 
could be included in the purchase, or a buyer could relocate to a different or larger business space in the region.

 Est. 2016 Revenue: $ 2,466,053

 Est. 2016 Cash Flow: $ 279,265