Midwest-Based Tool Room Machine Manufacturer and Supplier (RA124)

Company Summary


This well-established Company manufactures machines and parts built for their unique equipment. In addition to sale of the original equipment to a diverse range of industries and manufacturing businesses, the Company also has a high level of repeat business for parts sales and repair of its proprietary products. In addition to the machines it produces, it also manufacturers the necessary supplies needed for its operation. With decades of history with loyal customers, the Company serves markets across the United States and around the world. A new owner looking to actively expand the Company will have a solid customer base on which to build. The Company could continue to operate independently or could be integrated into another machine tool manufacturer.

Growth Opportunities



Manufacturing Efficiencies – Investment in upgraded and automated manufacturing equipment and the latest technology will allow improved volume, production efficiency and profit margins.

Market Growth – International sales are currently a smaller part of the Company’s operations and offer opportunities to expand sales into existing and new markets in the expanding international manufacturing climate.

Investment Highlights





Highly Regarded Products – The Company’s machines are recognized for their long lifespan and simpler operation than the few competing products in the marketplace. The Company maintains quality control with in-house production of its machines and parts.

Excellent Recurring Customer Base – The Company maintains strong connections and a reputation for excellent customer service with long-time customers who return for parts and service on its unique product line.

Worldwide Market – The Company sells around the world, with no market concentration, providing custom service solutions to a broad array of manufacturing industries.



FYE 4/30/18 Revenue: $1,800,000
FYE 4/30/18 Adjusted ODE: $196,000