Michigan-based Property Restoration Company (RA 101)

Company Summary

Expert service in a broad range of property damage mitigation and restoration has brought this Company steady growth. The Company provides a
full range of emergency services including fire, storm or flood mitigation and cleanup. It also provides non-emergency cleaning and restoration,
including janitorial services and commercial and residential remodeling and construction. About 80 percent of their work is related to insurance 

claims. This Company operates in a region with a strong, expanding economy. Additional growth potential exists for new ownership with the
ability to invest in additional management and sales expertise. The Company offers an excellent opportunity for a buyer able to lead the Company
 to the next level or for a strategic buyer looking to gain a significant market share in a new region.

Growth Opportunities

Expanded Sales Effort – A salesperson to focus on relationships with property management, real estate, construction and industrial 

professionals could grow sales by leveraging the Company’s expertise and reputation with existing customers.
Added Management Expertise – Company growth requires additional management personnel to share duties currently concentrated 
on the single owner.

Investment Highlights

Well-Established Customer Relationships – In an industry in which remediation work is often one-and-done projects, this Company 

has a significant level of repeat business based on long-term relationships with property management personnel.
Broad-Based Service Expertise – The Company rapidly claimed significant market share by providing a wide range of services and 
one-call solutions  to problems. Company strengths include quality, trained staff,  a track record of good work, and a strong brand in 
the market area.
Portable Operation – The Company operates out of leased space and could easily be relocated to a new owner’s existing facility or other space
 in the metropolitan area.

2016 Revenue:  $ 1,550,000

2016 Cash Flow:       $ 212,000