Energy Savings and Indoor Environmental Quality Solutions Provider

Company Summary

This Midwestern Company is integrating new technology to provide energy savings and better indoor environmental quality. Architectural trends, concerns about building occupant health, and a growing medical infrastructure are among factors creating demand for healthier and cleaner indoor facilities. This Company has developed a unique package of technologies to meet multiple needs of laboratories, healthcare complexes, commercial office buildings, educational institutions, government offices and military facilities. Particularly promising is the Company’s expertise in using new technology to upgrade older, existing air handling systems. This Company is ready for new ownership’s investment to reach the full sales potential of its unique services. 

Growth Opportunities

Market Exclusivity and Expansion – The Company holds large, multi-state exclusive market areas for primary product lines. In addition, the Company has formed strategic partnerships with leading consulting firms to bring its services to new market areas.

Trends Generating Demand – The Company’s core expertise addresses significant current business issues such as indoor air quality and energy savings. At the same time, the Company serves growth industries, particularly health care, which faces dual concerns of controlling infection rates and meeting an aging population’s growing demand for health care.

Investment Highlights

Energy Savings with a Comprehensive Approach – The Company offers a complete package of expertise in energy efficiency, air flow, air quality, surface cleanliness, and measurement of contaminants, gas levels and particulate matter. This presents cost savings in installation, maintenance and energy consumption.

Valued Relationships – Long-standing service to major customers positions the Company to upgrade older systems with the newest technology. Changing standards and facility needs require retrofitting of old systems to be more effective and efficient.

Experienced Upper Management – Top management is highly experienced, most with more than 15 years and several with more than 20 years of service. 

Projected 2017 Revenue: $4,711,000

Projected 2017 Cash Flow: $651,000