Eastern Michigan Optometry Practice (RA 98)

Company Summary

A thriving optometry Practice is available for purchase in east Michigan. This one-doctor Practice has been built up over decades with a high level of client satisfaction and loyalty. A dedicated staff and state-of-the-art equipment along with a modern, well-appointed facility have helped this Practice grow to operate at capacity without outside marketing. The Practice focuses on specialized care and high-quality vision products. Operating in an upper- and middle-income community, the Practice produces average revenues per eye exam in the top percentiles nationally. This business sale provides an excellent opportunity for a new or currently practicing optometrist to take over a popular and successful Practice, or an opportunity for another optometry practice to expand with an extensive customer list in a new area. 

Growth Opportunities

Strong Patient Demand – The Practice is currently operating near capacity for one optometrist. Despite no outside marketing, current demand is such that new patients face significant wait times for appointments. Addition of another doctor and staff could support significant growth. 
Growing Profit Margins – Decreasing costs as specialized equipment is paid off, along with stable revenue flow, provides opportunity to grow profits. 

Investment Highlights

High Levels of Revenue – The Practice ranks very highly compared to national averages on gross revenue per complete eye exam. It operates well above the revenue of the 90 to 99th percentile group. 
Facility Available for Purchase – The Practice is based in a facility leased from an affiliated third party. The building has room for growth and is available as part of the purchase.  
Affluent Market Area – The surrounding community has a median household income 32 percent higher than the state median income, with the median value of owner-occupied housing more than 50 percent higher than the state value. 
2016 Revenue:  $ 1,012,262

2016 EBITDA:       $ 129,799