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Thinking About Selling?

Rua Associates understands the decision to sell your company can be difficult. It could have been family-owned for generations, but you aren’t sure your children are interested. We know how to help you sort through your options and make the best decision for you and the company.  Take our 5-minute planning assessment.

Sell With Confidence

We understand your concerns. And we want you to be completely comfortable with your decision, and confident in the outcome. This is why our team of specialists strategize with you, your spouse, your family and your other advisors such as your CPA, financial planner or attorney before negotiations ever begin.

Doing this helps you clarify your selling plans, identify opportunities and roadblocks — either personal, business or market-based — and helps you develop the best transition plan for you.

If your transition plan involves a third party sale, we evaluate multiple buyers for you to consider, help ensure a buyer’s access to financing, and develop a custom strategy that meets your needs.

Market Testing Eliminates Guess Work

We conduct a market test to determine buyer demand, expected valuation and possible deal structure. We pre-screen buyers so you don’t waste your time, or open up your company to unnecessary financial and legal expenses. This also reduces possible personnel concerns and rumors. And we help deliver higher value proposals from buyers who are the best fit.

You’re in Control

While we take a hands-on approach during negotiations right through closing, you always remain in control. We are your advisors. This ensures that you will realize your objectives and be completely satisfied with the results.

The next step is either to take our 8-question Planning Assessment or contact Rua Associates today.

Cindy Locklin, Former Owner of Busy Bea's

Norm Veldhoff, Former Owner of Superior Cutting Services

Jon Stellema, Former Owner of Auto-Lab

Quinn Denning, Former Owner of Rapid Automated Systems

Dean Smith, Former Owner of Specialty Heat Treating

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