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Looking to Buy a Company?

While there are many companies out there available for purchase, finding the right one can be difficult and time-consuming. This is why Rua Associates starts by helping you identify the criteria of the company you want to acquire. Perhaps it’s in a specific industry, or a particular size. Is location important? Are there other factors?

Next Rua determines what information you need about the possible acquisition — from market potential to technical expertise and the management team. And what are your options for purchase? Asset versus stock sale? What is the ideal capital structure?

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Rich Achtenberg, Owner of TG Manufacturing

JT Weiss, CEO of Abcor

Rua Associates played a critical role in helping us secure the purchase of The Worden Company. The Rua team worked diligently with many banks to help us secure the right financing for our acquisition. Their service and expertise is outstanding.
– Ken Filippini, President of The Worden Company

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