West Michigan Destination Dining & Event Center (RA 110)

Company Summary

A popular West Michigan destination eatery and event center is available for purchase. The beautiful setting, excellent facilities and quality dining experience draw diners and large-group events from across the region. After successfully growing the business, the current ownership is seeking to sell. A buyer with expertise in the hospitality industry has options. The business is attractive as a turnkey operation to continue current operations. Alternatively, an owner with capital has several options for expanding the venue to grow the business. Experienced managers oversee day-to-day operations, but the current ownership is also active in the business and is available to assist in transition for one to two years.

Growth Opportunities

Boost Dining Revenue – A new owner with dining expertise could develop operating efficiencies while also implementing wait staff training to boost per-ticket sales.

Increased Event Sales – Trends in wedding planning make this venue particularly appealing, with a limited number of similar venues. Current ownership believes increased marketing could double event and catering sales.

Expanded Facilities – A new owner with capital and hospitality industry know-how could grow the venue with new facilities such as lodging, farm-to-table dining or a brewery.

Investment Highlights

Well-Regarded Business – The facility has an excellent reputation for its food, its service and its striking setting, generating significant repeat business for both dining and special events.

Strategic Location —The restaurant and event center serve a growing, economically vibrant region of the state, with few competing facilities in the immediate area. The facility is readily accessible from several communities, providing multiple markets for both dining and event patrons.

2018 Revenue: $2,280,000
2018 Gross Profit: $1,506,000