Software Development and E-Commerce Vendor (RA 106)

Company Summary

A Midwestern software development and e-commerce vendor which provides website managed services to a niche segment of the public sector
is available for purchase. The Company serves a focused list of loyal clients. It has created more than 100 custom software applications to help
clients provide improved services online and at a lower cost by reducing the need for administrative staff and increasing efficiencies. This includes
software development that moves to the web various business processes, including acceptance of online payments, or e-commerce. The Company
 also provides website design, content management and Help Desk services, providing turn-key web solutions to its clients.

Growth Opportunities

Marketing to Gain New Clients – With almost no marketing, the Company currently serves a select group of clients in a limited geographic area. A

new owner willing to market the Company could quickly expand Company sales. Company services could also be marketed to a new owner’s existing 
tech customer list. 

Replicable Products and Services – The Company’s products, services and applications that currently serve a limited number of public sector

agencies could be sold to meet the same needs in many similar public sector agencies in a wide geographic region.

Investment Highlights

Highly Functional Proprietary Software – The Company has developed numerous software applications for clients with secure integration to a
variety of databases. A number of these applications solve common but complex problems faced by agencies that desire to offer more services 
online. These software and e-commerce applications are readily adaptable to a diverse set of clients.
Proven Ability to Compete – The Company has never lost a client to competition, which includes large national providers. This is a result of
excellent customer service, a dedicated staff of knowledgeable employees and quality products and services. Two of the Company’s largest  clients 
have won national recognition for their websites and service offerings. 
2016 Revenue: $734,000
2016 Owner’s Discretionary Earnings: $236,400