Material Heating Application Process and Equipment (RA126)

Company Summary

The company is seeking a full or partial sale of their proprietary equipment and process for applying a radiant heat coating to almost

any surface. The Company is a licensed applicator of a patented material heating technology. The patented technology heats materials
up to 300 degrees faster and at a fraction of the energy use when compared to conventional heating methods. This efficient use of

energy lowers operational costs dramatically in addition to enabling the user to lower their greenhouse emissions.

The Company has designed and developed proprietary equipment that allows the patented material to be applied to a wide variety

of surfaces including; plastic, metal, ceramic, concrete, wood, … Because of the immeasurable number of heating applications in
industrial, commercial and residential settings, the Companies focus is not to create products to compete directly with existing

industries, but rather to sell the proprietary application technology to current businesses to use with their current products lines.

Growth Opportunities

Market Applications – Applications are ready to be implemented in the following areas: 1) Roofing – commercial and residential, 2) Radiant

floor  heating -commercial and residential, 3) Driveway and Sidewalk snow melt, and 4) Recreational Vehicle and Mobile Trailer hot water.
Tested Application – The company has test results with a variety of materials for a variety of applications which can be used to sell into

a lot of different industries.

Investment Highlights

Multiple – Industries – The ability to apply the technology easily to a wide variety of surfaces allows the Company to sell into a wide

variety of industries creating a large market opportunity.

Production Equipment – The Company has invested three years and over $900,000 in developing a working prototype of their technology

application equipment which can be upgraded to production level with less than a $100,000 investment.