Glazing Contractor and Aluminum Fabricator (RA188)

Company Summary

This Michigan-based Company has decades of experience as a commercial glazing contractor and aluminum entrance and storefront fabricator, operating across a broad region of the Midwest. It prefabricates entrances, frames, hardware and storefronts in-house so that it can deliver and install them at the project site quickly and efficiently. It has developed long-term, close-knit relationships with well-known national fast food brands, retail chains, and storefront suppliers. The Company has a large and loyal client list, which it maintains by providing outstanding quality and service. It currently has room for growth, with the addition of more employees and equipment. The current owner is willing to assist new owners through a reasonable transition period.

Growth Opportunities

Room to grow – Though it is currently operating near capacity in terms of staff, the facility has adequate square footage for growth with more employees and equipment.

Product pipeline – The Company is currently working to add specifications which will boost business with one of its current clients, a giant and expanding fast food restaurant chain.

Potential new markets – Sales may be expanded by diversifying its customer base to include work on educational facilities and other verticals that the current owners choose not to pursue.

Improved technology – New technology and an owner with a more technological mindset may increase efficiencies which could help modernize the business.

Investment Highlights

Established customers – After many decades in operation, the Company has long-term relationships with many high-profile retail customers across multiple Midwestern states.

Efficient operations – The Company provides pre-determined rough openings with the contractor before starting work, and then travels to the job site with the entire project prepped and ready for installation, allowing the Company to complete the job in just a day or two.

Modern facilities – The Company’s updated facility features newly remodeled offices and breakroom, new insulation and siding, LED lighting, and work-station improvements for production employees.

Industry relationships – The Company is an approved door and frame fabricator for a leading supplier of architectural aluminum products.

Solid supplier network – The Company is a preferred partner for suppliers because it pays all invoices before they’re due.

2021 Revenue: $2,000,000
2021 EBITDA: $330,000


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