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Join the Rua Associates Team as an Affiliate Advisor

Rua Associates works closely with certified Affiliate Advisors to help clients get the best resources possible for their merger and acquisition needs. Whether you are an attorney, a CPA, a banker, or a financial planner you share a concern for your client.  Given that almost eight out of ten negotiations break down, your client could suffer significant risk personally or financially. Our approach mitigates these risks.
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Benefits For the Advisor

  • Financial Rewards
  • Relationship Rewards
  • Back Office Support from Rua Associates team

Benefits For the Client

  • 80% Success Rate vs Industry average of 25%
  • Client remains with their trusted Advisor through one of the most important decision-making periods of their business life.
  • Client has the powerful partnership of the Advisor and Rua at their side
  • Client receives the information they need before they have to make transition decisions
  • Peace of mind from doing business with best in the business with great experience

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The Advisor works with their client from start to finish, and through the Implementation phase of the Rua Transaction Process. The Trusted Advisor will work with their client as Rua Associates facilitates buyer negotiations and financing. Optionally, the Affiliate Advisor will also participate with their client during showings to potential buyers and assist in the management of the closing process.

Through an Affiliate Advisor Training program, Rua Associates walks potential partners through certification. The certification training includes details on business development, financial analysis, business writing, market development, and more.

Once an advisor has completed the certified advisor training program, the partner implements the process as well as gaining access to many resources, strategies, and tools. The client is then referred to Rua Associates once the necessary preparation is complete.

Interested in becoming a Certified Advisor? Please contact Rua Associates today to learn more about the Certified Advisor Training Program!


  • Your early involvement in the process helps to identify and minimize risk for your client.
  • Market Test insures that the client’s expectations can be met prior to exposing their company.
  • We can provide you with vital information on a buyer or seller, including disclosure of:
    • Potential legal issues
    • Financing issues
    • Environmental issues
  • Your client’s confidentiality will be protected and only pertinent information will be released throughout the process.


  • We can provide your client — either buyer or seller — with multiple transaction options for your evaluation.
  • You have the opportunity to establish parameters that help your client choose between minimizing taxes or other transaction factors.
  • We can assist you in developing vital information, including market testing and options analysis of your client’s company, or the company your client wishes to acquire.
  • Thus, your early involvement ensures the best tax strategy for your client and provides you the opportunity to maintain the business relationship with the new owner.


  • We can provide you with a standard package of information including a profile of the business to be purchased, making it easy for you to analyze.
  • Early involvement allows you to construct a proposal that meets your bank’s standards.
  • The custom strategy also educates the seller and buyer about what is required so they agree to a transaction structure that you can finance.
  • Our hands-on closing process ensures timely and complete documentation for a quick closing.


  • We can assist you in confirming the value of your client’s business
  • In addition, by conducting a Market Test, we can give you the information you need to advise you client on their best options
  • Our goal is to help you address any gaps in your client’s financial plan by understanding the true value of their business on today’s market

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