Midwest Premium Craft Spirits Distillery (RA 194)


Company Summary

This distillery is a leading premium craft spirits maker, event space, and destination in a tourist-rich region of the Midwest. Its diversified product portfolio includes a range of whiskies, gin, rum, vodka, specialty, liqueurs and on-site cocktails. The brand enjoys widespread recognition in its home state and has added distribution in surrounding states. Its unique setting and ability to host events provide visitors with an authentic, informative, and enjoyable experience, which is at the heart of its retail and wholesale success. The distillery has earned a reputation as an innovator and market leader, receiving multiple industry awards for its spirits. It reached profitability soon after it was established and continues to heavily invest in infrastructure to support its growth and success. The owners in this closely-held business are willing to help new owners through a reasonable transition period.

Growth Opportunities

Upward trend – The distillery’s compound annual wholesale growth rate has exceeded 26% since products were introduced.

Sales growth – The Company has a solid growth strategy in place to increase revenues from $4.6M in 2022 to $11.7M in 2027.

Sales connections – The sales team has succeeded in expanding the distillery’s products to multiple markets with specialty spirits retailers and distributors, large retail chains, and on-premise offerings.

Talent attraction – The Company is known as a place where people want to work, helping it assemble a capable team of managers and team members in a challenging labor market.

Whiskey emphasis – More than 90% of its spirits revenue is earned from whiskey products, which is one of the fastest growing segments in the national spirits marketplace.

Whiskey inventory and production capacity – The Company currently has 2,500 barrels of whiskey to support future growth, with production capacity already in place to support sales growth projections.

Market growth – The $130 billion spirit market is expected to grow by 10% from 2022 to 2028.

Cash flow outlook – Strategic investments and operational changes are expected to add up to $1M or more in annual cash flow benefits starting in 2026.

Investment Highlights

Market penetration – The brand enjoys widespread statewide recognition in its home state and out-of state distribution is established and growing in several other states.

Proven success – Bucking the trend in the craft distillery sector of a slow ascent to profitability, the Company has been profitable since 2018.

Special events – The distillery is fully set up to host weddings and corporate and community events.

2022 Revenue: $4,600,000  
2022 Adjusted EBITDA: $1,600,000


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