Michigan-Based Consulting Engineering Firm (RA148)


Company Summary

This Company is a multi-disciplined consulting engineering firm that specializes in civil, environmental, structural, electrical, construction and forensic engineering. Employing highly experienced, senior-level engineers and scientists, the Company brings large-firm experience with a small-firm culture of nimbleness, economy and responsiveness to client needs. Low overhead provides competitive billing rates, while expertise brings innovative solutions and personalized services. With a focus on the latest technology and current trends in engineering services, along with a strong reputation, the Company is well-positioned to grow under new hands-on ownership or as a turnkey expansion for a larger firm.

Growth Opportunities

Expanding Governmental Services – The Company is already growing its services to municipal and state governments in the currently contentious area of tax assessment appeals on big box properties, along with contracting to meet other expanding state environmental engineering needs.

Investment in Marketing – The Company has operated with little to no marketing from 2014 – 2017. In 2018, marketing efforts were resumed with an emphasize on expanding forensic work and governmental contracts. Spreading word about the Company’s qualities, particularly its success and expertise in innovative engineering solutions, is projected to result in significant growth.

Renewed Opportunities in Forensic Engineering – The Company recently has been renewed as a vendor with a major insurance company, providing the opportunity to expand its forensic engineering insurance services, an area of specialized Company expertise.

Investment Highlights

Diversity of Expertise – Company engineers and scientists bring expertise in a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial development, including brownfield redevelopment, waste water systems and water treatment system engineering, in addition to specialized services such as forensic engineering. Other small firms cannot match this Company’s range of expertise.

Highly Effective Client Service – Personalized relationships and communication with clients, along with innovative approach to designing solutions to problems, has developed strong client retention and a reputation for effective problem solving.

3 Year Average Revenue: $866,000
3 Year Average EBITDA: $66,000


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