Chicago-Based Business Training Company (RA 198)


Company Summary

This Company sells and delivers leadership and communication training and other management training to business customers. Based in DuPage and Cook County, IL and operating under a franchise agreement with a well-known leader in its industry, the Company provides training both in-person and virtually. For decades, it has delivered training that is consistently rated as “exceeding expectations.” Its team of dedicated sales consultants and trainers work with individuals and companies to reach their potential. A strong repeat business client base of core blue-chip companies continues to work with the Company year after year. Under the current ownership, the franchise has been among the highest-performing in its industry in the world. The Company is set to continue revenue growth with no significant additional investment.

Growth Opportunities

Loyal customers – The Company provides training to many repeat Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients, whom incorporate the instruction into their learning/training/leadership strategy.

Stellar sales team – The Company has a seasoned and award-winning sales team in place.

Experienced trainers – The Company has assembled a team of trainers who average well over 10 years of experience delivering its programs. The Company estimates that revenue could grow by 25% with their current trainer group.

Product updates – Planned upgrades of online training content will continue to support the Company’s growth.

Strong performance – Revenue in 2022 was up 26% over 2018 and up 20% over 2019.  Year-to-date revenue this year is up 24% over the same period in 2022. So far through the last 8 months of corporate reporting through March 2023, the Company is one of the top 5 franchises, and one of the top 3 highest-performing single territory businesses, in the US.

Investment Highlights

Name recognition – The Company benefits from a long association with a revered global name and brand. 

Tailored content – Training content is accessed from an extensive electronic database of franchisor-provided intellectual property. The Company selects modules appropriate for their clients’ context, creating tailored programs that meet clients’ individual needs. 

Training team – The Company delivers training that is consistently rated as “exceeded expectations.” 

Virtual capabilities – The Company can deliver training virtually as well as in-person, and class participants receive training materials electronically.  

Trailing 12-Months Revenue through May 2023: $3,100,000  
Trailing 12-Months Adjusted EBITDA through May 2023: $625,000


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